Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Studio 60

David and I started watching this new show when it started a few weeks ago. It is one of the most intriguing TV shows we have ever watched. So bizarre but it keeps you going back for more. It struck me while trying to describe it to someone last week, that it is filmed more like a movie than a TV show. The speed of the dialogue and the cinematography is not TV-esque at all. The show doesn't seem to hinge on the dialogue like most TV shows, but rather the dialogue moves the show. I know, this is all very detailed considering we are talking TV. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else is watching.

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Steven J Bruce said...

I caught the pilot on USA one night after Zoe. I watched an episode Monday as well. Its' a great show. You're right, it's got more "movie flare" than TV. This is vintage Sorkin...if you watched "West Wing" at all, it was the same. I attribute it to a combination of writing and cinematography. And hey, an all star cast doesn't hurt either :-) Shows like this (and 24 , of course :)really raise the bar on TV.