Monday, December 11, 2006

Alive and well in Amarillo

Time to catch up. I have had a blog fast over the past 3 weeks in order to prioritize what I really need to do this holiday season. I have my presents wrapped, my final paper submitted, the old Christmas newsletter sent and almost all the parties attended. Phew....

However today I just had to blog about our Small Group last night. We had a time to go around and each share a way in which God has grown us this year, or made Himself known to us. It was a wonderful time of reflection and sharing. Here is what was impossible to miss - although we are 8 families in different life stages we are all journeying a similiar road. Coincedence? Maybe.

The central themes running through our discussion last night centered on: contentment, surrender, witness and relationship. We may have used different words but the themes kept colliding. I have expressed before in this blog that I am thankful for the friendships we share with our coworkers at Central and I am. I am also thankful for the friendships in this small group. Few of us would have naturally just bonded due to age, bible class, life stage, interests, synergy - but here in this mini-version of church we have come together and are able to laugh, tease, cry, kick each other with our big heels (sorry Steven) and know without a doubt that people have our back, all because of Jesus. Powerful. Energizing. Intimate. Refreshing.

Got my Christmas fever blister erupting beautfully off my lip - most big events in life are graced with the onset of the old stress revealing fever blister. I will blame this one on the 15 page paper from Lev. 25 that I submitted today,because surely it would not be from the glad tidings and joy of the Festive Season!!!!