Friday, October 27, 2006

Barak Obama

For several years now, David and I have really been drawn to Barak Obama. He just has something about him. Last week, David began reading his book, The Audacity of Hope and is just really enthralled by it.

Today David and I spent a good 2 hours talking about some issues related to Obama, the potential for him to be President and other political stuff. Here is the quandry we find ourselves in. I think David has seen a spark of hope from Obama. Something that looks different to the usual political package. He sees him as having the potential to influence the beast called Government and shape it - even a little. I, on the otherhand, although incredibly impressed by him feel cynical enough to doubt that real change can be affected. Just being part of the political machine seems to make me doubt if you can affect real change. It makes me wonder if people like Oprah and Bono could do what they do if they were tied to Government. Hmmm....makes me think.

Neither of us being citizens means that we don't get to vote. But, for the first time in a long time I think America may have someone in view that would be worth voting for. Seeing as though David Palmer was killed off during the last season of 24.


Steven J Bruce said...

I agree and have been impressed with Barak as well. I consider myself a member of the "Cynical Party", and in spite of the dirty looks I get around election time (what do you mean you don't automatically vote're a minister !), have only voted once :-) You guys should take a date night and go see "Man of the Year" deals with some of these issues, and Robin W. is always funny!

Angie said...

SHUT UP! No way! I have been watching 24 on DVD & haven't gotten there yet, you spoiler, you!!! AAAAAAAAGH!!!

I get depressed thinking about politics... I didn't grow up in a family that was politically active & didn't care in school, so I need a politics/government for dummies course!

And I'll confess... I've only voted once myself, but it was in the 2000 election - so technically it counted twice! :-)

It's embarrassing... Now I want to be more involved but find it all so completely daunting. And I don't seem to comfortably fit with any one party... I'm a mess.