Sunday, January 28, 2007


If you have read this blog for very long, you know that I am a lover of Christian music. Every now and again I will post about how a song has impacted me, or a growing admiration for an artist, etc. Well, it has happened again. I really am crazy about the group Leeland. Their CD, "Sound of Melodies" has rapidly become one of my new favorites. I just love the song, Yes You Have and so I have included the lyrics for you to meditate on and enjoy too.

Every tree and every stone
Every rushing wind that moans
They sing Your praise My God, they sing Your praise
Every star and open sky Tell of Your glory divine
They shout Your praise
They shout Your praise, yeah
You’ve stolen my heart
Yes, You have!
You’ve stolen my heart
Yes, You have!
You’ve wiped away the stains
And broke away the chains
Yes, You have!!
With Your love You set me free
Three nails gave me liberty
So I’ll sing Your praise My God,
I’ll sing Your praise
Oh, with Your love You forgave my sin
Forgot my past And brought me back again
So I’ll sing Your praise
I’ll sing Your praise, yeah
If I ascend into the sky
Or hide behind the night I can not run
Your love is chasing me
If I fall into the sea Your hand will rescue me
No one will take Your place
Because This is all for You
Yes, this is all for You
You’re the King of the world
You’re the King of the world

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Firestorm by Ron Susek

I have just finished this book for my Managing Church Conflict class, which by the way begins next weekend in Dallas and I still have a paper to write and quite a lot of reading still to do. However, I digress. This has been a fabulous read. I have been struck by so many things and wanted to share at least one.

Susek believes that when a "pastor becomes the focus of legitimate complaints, almost inevitably the problem will be found in one of four areas: truth, relationship, integrity, or mission". He asserts that these are 4 pillars of strength that must stand relatively equal in height to balance the structure of ministry.
He goes further to say, "these pillars are not personality traits; they are responsibilities that must be fulfilled in relatively equal balance. Do you pick and choose between them, stating that one fits your personality while another doesn't? It's easy to insist that you just don't have the gift for the ones you don't like, but that's a lame excuse. God not only calls you to exercise areas in which you feel gifted, but also to develop the craft of ministering to all the needs of his people." Hmmm...

This is certainly a worthy read.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unpacking the "tag" list

Okay, so Frank says I need to unpack #1 and #5.

#1 - David and I visited an Ostrich farm on a road trip through the Cape in South Africa. I got to sit on an Ostrich although it was restrained. Ostrich eggs are incredible. They are so hard and strong that they will bear the full weight of an adult.

#5 - Although I am growing in my enjoyment of movies, I would usually pick some other activity for a date or family outing. I try not to see R rated movies. I do not like "chick flicks" and I really do not like period pieces, and I loathe fantasy, and detest sci-fi (Do you see my struggle). My definition of fantasy excludes Harry Potter though (seeing as though I make the rules for my movie preferences). I do like suspense, some action, detective type, romantic comedy, etc. Obviously, I get to see tons of Disney/Pixar creations :-)!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The man of my dreams

And this blog world is my husband! You can always count on David for a good picture. The kids really enjoyed Kennedy Space Center.
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I've been tagged by Frank Bellizi

I got “tagged” by Frank Bellizi. Now I’m supposed to tell about five odd or interesting things about me that people would not ordinarily know.

1. I have sat on an Ostrich and stood on Ostrich eggs.
2. I used to swim the Butterfly in swim meets.
3. Before this life of ministry, I was a travel agent.
4. I am a little OCD - like organizing drawers and closets; ensure every last green bean (peas, carrots, corn) is removed from the can before I trash it in case I seperate family units.
5. Movies are not my favorite entertainment activity.

What a trip!

I have spent the weekend mulling over the close to 400 pictures we have from our Orlando trip. There are so many great ones to choose from. I love these new photobooks you can make directly with the online photo companies. I have made two and am dying to see them "in life." Today I was ordering some hard copies of pictures for the kids to have in their albums here at the house. I thought I would share the love with my blog friends. Nothing like a good ole' picture standing right in the middle of Main Stree, USA (Magic Kingdom). That is the back of my friend Christine holding a back pack ready for Kilimanjaro and a stroller to boot!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Between Iraq and a hard place

I am sure that this tired discussion of "to surge or not to surge" has just about run its course, but I still have some thoughts...
What to do? Regardless of whether Hussein was a dictator or not, these thoughts are based on the results of war. Human rights are being violated in droves all around the world and no one is itching to rescue those masses, so clearly we have other factors at play in this scenario...oil, $, power in the middle east, allies etc etc.

America invaded another country against the recommendation of the UN.
Large scale destruction and upheaval has resulted.
Lawlessness rules the day because the power structures that did control are no longer in place (good or bad).
Thousands have died, more are injured and now new amputee rehab centres are being built. Chaos appears to reign supreme.
Whether the war is a good or bad idea, military personnel have left families, jobs and security because this is their job.

But, we ponder whether to go or stay. For every serviceperson I want to yell, "flee." However, we started something that needs to be finished. How can we pull out leaving behind the destruction, turmoil and chaos that this war has caused.

Surely, the only option is to keep the troops that are there supported and supplied so that some measure of normalcy can be possible for the Iraqi people.

The place between Iraq and a hard place is surely that now we are trapped into having to support a war, even if only monetarily.


Oh my gosh. I can not believe what has happened in 4 hours. The first two did not hook me. I was grossed out by the gore (more than in the last 5 seasons). The second two hours hooked me. Who could resist Jack crying in the fetal position!
I am a fan, but clearly the new slogan all over TV is a little too much...."All hail to the power of Bauer." Hello!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Mom

Today marks 4 years since my Mom died. It seems almost unfathomable that so much time has passed, yet on the other hand it feels like forever since we had a cuppa' tea and a chat.
Your influence and touch is still felt.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Michaela for President

Michaela noticed the cover of a Newsweek that David was reading and said, "We are going to have a new category of President soon."
I replied with a questioning tone, "what do you mean?"
"Well," she responded, "most likely we are going to have either the first female president or the first dark skined president."
"That's a possibility," I said.
"Man, I hope it's Obama" she quickly chimed in.
(My mind races between two poles: yes, she wants to see a person of color in the White House so that a true measure of equality can begin shaping the, I hope some kid at school has not ignorantly been ranting on about Hilary)
"I like Obama too, but what makes you say that."
"Oh, because I want to be the first female President," she says quite casually.

Okay then.

Monday, January 08, 2007

2007, no way!

In case anyone still reads this blog, hello again. Somehow I could not meet all the demands of the holidays, final work due for ACU and keep us this blog. It has been a while.

I literally can not believe it is 2007 because we left Amarillo for a vacation in Florida on 12/24 and arrived back on 1/6 - a new year. We had a wonderful time in Orlando and literally ran ourselves ragged, but it was fun.

Having shared some of my OCD tendencies on this blog before, I know you will understand this. The thing I love most about the new year is that feeling of "getting organized." I love the whole, clean out the closets, plan the calendar, get all the ducks in a row type thinking that a new year brings. Love it.

Happy New Year everyone and here's to more faithful blogging.