Saturday, October 28, 2006

24 disclaimer

If for some reason (like you haven't finished watching season 5 of 24 on DVD yet) you do not want to know a crucial piece of the 24 puzzle, please do not read my last entry called Barak Obama. While typing that post it crossed my mind that my friend Missy may read it and then have season 5 ruined for her. But I justified it knowing that she is still feeling sick after her surgery and is probably not going to read blogs for a while. Little did I know that my new blog friend Angie would be in the same position. Sorry girls!!! But seriously, in classic 24 style, even knowing what you now know - it will still not ruin it for you!


darren said...

The answer to this situation is more TV. Anyone who's been watching The Unit on CBS knows Dennis Haysbert is now Jonas Blane, and couldn't be playing David Palmer on Fox's 24. So the incidental leak of his assassination would be inconsequential.

Angie said...

Girl... I'll take being your "new blog friend" over any episode of 24!!! You are too cute!