Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Compilation

If you begin counting with me from May 26th, tomorrow's trip to Abilene will be the 7th since the summer began. It has been loads of fun because we have been doing graduation stuff, wedding stuff and my sister-in-law and I have laughed till we cried. I can not even begin to tell the stories, you just had to be there.

But people, I am sick of my CD's. I know, it is 2007 and I am not an mp3, Ipod using girl. I just don't like the little thingy's in my ears and it seems kinda' ridiculous to hook it all up to play through the CD player when I could just play the CD's and not have to spend the money on an Ipod. I will get there eventually. All that to say, I can barely face putting in my usual favorites. I listen to almost all Contemporary Christian music because it is such a powerful way for me to connect with God, but there has been a lack of great new stuff recently and so I am in a little dry spell.

And so I decided to remedy that little situation and download some stuff to burn a new CD to help make the drive a little better tomorrow. David is convinced my choices are to terrorize him in the car for 5 hours, but really they are not. I ventured from my usual suspects and this is just a compilation of some of the favorite (old and new) music. It makes me happy. And, Lord help me, it includes a Country Song.

Beautiful Flower (India.Arie)
There's Hope (India.Arie)
Wait for You (Elliott Yamin)
I'm the Man (Elliott Yamin)
Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson)
Upside Down (Jack Johnson)
Heaven (Los Lonely Boys)
Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)
Everybody's Changing (Keane)
Umbrella (Rihanna)
Complicated (Robin Thicke)
When the Sun Goes Down (Kenny Chesney)

So, what do you think? If you spot one, even one, you like on this list, let me know. I need some ammunition to throw back at my ever-mocking husband.

Monday, July 30, 2007

On Being Known

It's what was so intriguing about Cheers. It's what connects us to people. It's what drives us to do irrational things sometimes. We want to be known, not in an ego-centric sort of way, but in a community way. To feel like people know us. When we feel known, we feel loved and included...on the inside if you will.

I am struck by two powerful expressions of that today. God is speaking to my heart about this and I think He has my attention.

Firstly, read today's post by Larry James. There are days, when it would suffice if I just linked to Larry James' blog and simply typed..."yes, what he said." He captures God's heart for people like no other. http://larryjamesurbandaily.blogspot.com/

Secondly, after lunch today our Outreach minister, Mark, asked if I wanted to stay and sit in on his visits with people who are coming in looking for help. He asked me to sit and listen to their stories. To hear their challenges and victories. And to be the prayer warrior of the day. After each visit he asked me to pray with the people. It was overwhelming really. Each of these people came in and had needs, some small but mostly huge. But no matter if it was help with a gas card, rent, prescription assistance, or applying for id's each person had a story. Few if any have people who want to hear that story. I felt so proud of Mark and the way God is using him to touch people's lives and to humanize their struggles.
He makes people feel known...wanted...worthy.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sleepless in Amarillo

It keeps happening to me and I do not know how to cope. I am a sleeper - anyplace, anytime, anywhere. Or, should I say, I used to be.
I lay awake for hours a few weeks ago and I blamed it on the White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks.

I lay awake for hours a week ago and I blamed it on a friend who had made a comment that was stirring in my spirit.

I lay awake tonight - nothing to blame it on, so I got up and decided to blog about it in hopes that I would get sleepy at the screen. Not so much so far. Nothing like seeing those numbers tick by 1, 2, 3....

Happy Dance

Dan's back, Dan's back, I'm doing the happy dance (add your own moves and music).

Wow, what an incredible Sunday. I feel so moved by the sermon today. I have missed Dan's outstanding preaching and am so happy he is back home! Lately we have had several families move from Amarillo due to their jobs and the thing I keep hearing in common is this..."we keep visiting churches but just can't find preaching like Dan's." I think I agree.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


1. We have a family wedding in less than two weeks. It is a crazy, fun, exciting time. And the bonus is that we get to add a new nephew to the family and he is awesome!!!!! And I get to participate in the Wedding Ceremony - what an incredible memory that will be.

2. That as a woman in a cofc, I got to teach bible class in our class this past Sunday and it has spurred some fascinating extra-curricula discussion about faith formation. Paul B. you are one of the deepest thinkers I have met in a long time.

3. That in said class, some of the greatest affirmation came from one of our elders.

4. That my friends lives have settled back into a more normal routine and I can get doses of "friend fix" again.

5. For the enthusiasm that the Sofi tote was met with last night, as I displayed the Eternal Threads stuff at a women's event. I think we will be placing an order for about 20 of these bags and that can change the trajectory of life for 20 little girls in India.

6. For times of sharing with friends, like I had the opportunity to do this morning with SB, when we can share what is on our hearts and really embody spiritual friendship.

7. That enough people read this blog that I am getting harassed about not posting regularly.

8. Dark chocolate.

9. For summer camps that have impacted the life and faith of my 11 year old.

10. Reconnections. Facebook has made it possible to connect with important people from my past that I had lost touch with. How incredible to rekindle those memories and friendships.

11. A webkinz frog named Remy that my niece generously gave Spencer. It has been so sweet to watch Spencer ensure the frog has food, exercise and fun online. He is going to be a great Dad one day.

12. A song by Indie.Arie called Hope - how great!

13. My friend Chris' backyard and pool and her generous spirit in sharing it.

14. Sno-cones are cheap and oh so yummy.

15. That Bek needs to practice cookie making for her business and we get to sample.

16. That even though I was in bed and asleep before my husband came to bed, I felt him kiss me on the cheek last night.

17. For summer interns over the years who have impacted the lives of my kids: Sharon, Spruce, Brian, Valerie, Jordan, Aaron, John Paul, Jordan (again :-)), Caleb, Janaye, Hunter, Julya.

18. Tea.

19. I get to "close down" Starbucks with friends fairly frequently.

20. That God cares enough about me that He refuses to leave me as He found me and that He is shaping me to look more like Him.

(And that God made suntans in such a way that sometimes your skin bubbles and peels usually on your back where you can not peel it yourself, and that he made some of us with the desire to do that peeling. I thought this was normal until a few days ago when I realized how creepy my friends think it is that I like to peel sunburned skin :-))