Wednesday, February 22, 2006


David and I are planning on leaving tomorrow morning for a quick weekend trip to Dallas. I say intending because Michaela has the flu and bronchitis. It has been an interesting 48 hours. However if we still get to go our friend and surrogate Grandmother to the kids, Becky, will be taking care of them. It struck me yesterday that I had some laundry to catch up on. She wouldn't mind digging through the clean stuff that hasn't been put away but I don't want her to have to do that. In fact, I don't like doing it that way. I am a neat and tidy person who thrives in order, so why this last week or so I have laundry so out of control I do not know. It is what it is and there are a few baskets full needing to be sorted, folded and put away. Actually I have just completed the job and it was a job!
This is what struck me. We are blessed enough not to need the laundry up to date. We have enough of everything to make it for at least 2 weeks in the "underwear" department and many more than that with general clothing.
I'm thankful that God allowed me to see a blessing like that in the midst of a mundane task this morning.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I know that just about everyone has either heard or read Bono's sermon at the Prayer Breakfast. It was fabulous and I am still pondering things from it.
What is the difference between chairty and justice? I have glimpses of an answer to that question but there is so much still to uncover. I guess what makes me uncomfortable is the fact that my life has been more about charity than justice, yet I have previously thought of myself as a champion of justice.
It seems to me that Charity is giving from a place of "having" to a people who "have not" without affecting change for their long-term hope and living. Justice is sharing so that we all have enough even though "enough" is different in Africa and America. That justice sets into motion the potential for a life of hope, chance, opportunity and viability. Justice longs for the life of people to be transformed into something and charity focuses on the act of my giving without really connecting me to the pain of a people.
How do I teach this to my children? How do I learn how to live in such a way that I fight for the rights of the marginal?
Jesus was about justice.


The date has been set for March 30th. I will be sliced and diced and about 11 inches or so of my colon will be removed. Bye bye ugly little pockets of infection and hello a bag of popcorn! There are so many foods that I am unable to eat with this condition and it is getting old! At least, I should have a pay off of being thin. But no.....
On a more serious note. I am not the bravest soul when it comes to medical stuff, or much else really. I am timid about things like that. I am not looking forward to going through this but I know I will be better on the other side - No, I do not mean heaven either. Just, the other side of the procedure. But right now, I am feeling a little anxious about the kids, about me, about the pain, about David....and so the list goes on.
Just thought I would journal some of this so I get it out of my head and worry veins.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reverse Tithing

I keep hearing those words in my brain. I tend to over analyze things anyway and this one for sure. I heard an interview with Rick Warren on TV the other night and he was asked if it was true that he "reverse tithed." He said yes quite humbly and moved on. This is what this means...He gives 90% and keeps 10%. He has paid Saddleback back for the salaries he has earned over the last 20 years and I know there is more. It is easy to think that his 10% is still a nice little sum, but that is not the point. He stated very clearly that the reason for doing this is to keep him and his family away from the trap of materialism. What a lesson for me. I keep thinking about the implications for my little world. What are the things I am doing to keep myself from the trap of materialism?