Monday, November 06, 2006

Ted Haggard

I am pretty sure this topic has been beaten to death already, so one more shot won't hurt, eh?
There is quite a controversy brewing in both churched and unchurched circles around the sincerity of the confession from Ted Haggard because it seems more reactionary than proactive etc. That is not where I want to camp. This whole "bruhaha" has got me thinking about some things.

1.It seems to me that so often this stuff is not really about sex, but about power.
2.We sometimes set people up by placing them on such high pedestals that they are tempted to think they are "above falling."
3. Linked to the attraction of power goes the thinking, "I will behave this way because I can."
4.Appearance is what we value in church, not struggle.
5.Whether this applies fully to Ted or not, we have so burdened those with the guilt and shame of same sex attraction that they feel out of God's grace.
6.Ministers are sometimes the last to seek accountability in spiritual friendships.
7.We do not practice truth telling.
8.Satan routinely attacks spiritual men (all men really) with Sexual temptation.
9.Once we begin living a lie, it takes a life of lying to cover it up.
10.Our actions always have repercussions that hurt the ones we love the most.


KrazyMissElaineous said...

Arlene, unfortunately the same gift that makes someone feel Christ in a very real way and the very talent that makes them really good at telling Christs story so others can experience it is the front side of the sexual addiction coin. The appeal-- the allure-- of leading a flock is very intimate. The devil is gonna get in to any chink your armour has-- he is good at it. He especially loves taking down a big leader-- more bang for buck to get the leader rather than a few followers. He was, afterall, heaven's best, brightest and most handsome. He can lure the biggest and best because he knows them from the inside. I wish these stories were about Grace rather than Fallen heroes. We are not here to judge, we are here to love. With you, I know I am preaching to the choir.

Jim Martin said...

Very good observations. What you say is very true.