Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And don't forsake the meeting of the saints...

I know you are shocked. This is not normal Arlene type language. However, the truth in that scripture can not be missed. Because of travelling out of town for school over the months of Sept. and Oct. I have been gone 4 weekends. I have had a child sick (at least they took turns) over 2 Sundays and so that has left me being at Central, what, twice in two months. Seems impossible.

I can tell though. I know that my faith walk is in part about me and God and I have that connection. But a huge part of it is the community of faith. I feel disconnected and I hate that. I have missed the power of worship together. No, it has not stopped me worshipping, but one of my primary pathways to God is through the engaging presence of God among the body.

I am thankful today for worship and preaching that you miss when you don't experience it. Now there' s a gift.


Steven J Bruce said...

I have MISSED you! I love getting to look out and catch a glimps of people worshipping...you are one I always look for. And sometimes, in planning worship, someone pops into mind and I think "so and so will really connect with this." I thought you would really connect with the stuff planned after the sermon (Lucado reading, communion remarks, special song, contribution) But of course, you weren't there :)

So quit forsaking the assembly. And to get you geared up for this week...it's pledge Sunday! Yee Haw!

Arlene Kasselman said...

Isn't that so classic - my first appearance in weeks is on...pledge Sunday :-)! EGAD!
However, I loved the Stewardship piece you did - it was so much better than a regular old letter!
Seriously, I think I am at a place where Stewardship is such a part of the discipleship process for me that even Sunday will be a good week!

That is three ! in a row!

In case I haven't told you in a few weeks, you do a fabulous job, always.

Angie said...

Hey girl... Just wanted to let you know I quoted you in a comment on another friend's blog (Dusty Rush):


It's the post called "Sin is Bad."

How cool is that? You're quotable! Thank you for your beautiful heart... When I read you I always leave a bit closer to our God.