Thursday, November 16, 2006

This 'n That

1. You don't have to bag leaves in the Fall in Amarillo. Wait just a few minutes and the wind will blow them to the other end of the street. Yes, we have leaves!

2.My friend from Indianapolis, who shall remain nameless, called a Tumbleweed a "Freakin' large dead bush." She is way too smart not to have identified said bush correctly, she is just way too embarrased to admit she lives someplace that has Tumbleweed!

3. I am the only human being I know that did not watch Dancing with the Stars, but I did catch enough news about it to be excited that Emmitt won. He is a personal favorite anyway. I wonder what kinda' moves Dieonn Sanders could produce for a show like this - hmmm.

4. Studio 60 is still on my "Best of TV" list for all times. Although I share this with perhaps only 5 other people in the entire nation. Its future appears precarious.

5. Red Robin's hamburgers are too greasy/fatty/rich for me. Proved this to be true after eating only 1/2 of one yesterday. Enough said.

6. For parents of school going kids, November/December is beginning to resemble May - way too many things going on.

7. should be mandatory for anyone sending on a "Forward." So much right wing fear and conspiracy theorizing could be laid to rest, among other issues.

8. My friend was diagnosed with cancer, had her first chemo treatment, lost her hair and now her pathology reports are supposedly clear. Short version of very long story. She now is struggling with the question....misdiagnosis or miraculous healing? Should not be a forward you receive or on Snopes - true story.

9. If you do not ordinarily see R rated moves, Borat is not the one to get your feet wet with....or (ahem, cough cough) so I am told, from say a friend, who may have perchance seen the movie. Yuck. You should be okay unless you are female, from a Jewish background, are sensitive to the plight of the marginal, Christian, morally far the tally is not in my favor.

10. My husband won his first Fantasty Football game of the season last weekend. It has been a long and dry season for him. Victory was sweet. Moral of the story, maybe South Africans should stick to Rugby.


Steven J Bruce said...

Look out world...Kasselman's gone stand-up! :-)

darren said...

"9. If you do not ordinarily see R rated moves, Borat is not the one to get your feet wet with....or (ahem, cough cough) so I am told, from say a friend,"

Tell your "friend" thanks for the info. My "friends" aren't usually that detailed with their movie reviews. ;-)

KrazyMissElaineous said...

1. Shoulda had Arnolds instead of Red Robin.
2. Rugby rocks.
3. How is it we have leaves and no trees?
4. Freakin' tumbleweeds love that roof at Whataburger, Angela.
5. Forget Dieonn, I wanna see Troy!