Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Boycotts and alike

Okay, so I am trying to not type with the frustrated inflection that is seeping out of my pores. If I get one more email about boycotting SAMS or Walmart I may just have to protest :-)!

Seriously, there is a lot to boycott Walmart over: Environmental practice, Monopoly, Sweat Shops, Building practice, Employment practice - all worthy of our effort....but we still shop there and enjoy the smiley face every day low prices!

However, the Christian community is up in arms about Sams and Walmart giving a percentage of profits this holiday weekend to the Gay and Lesbian community. Here is the deal - if we are prepared to call out "sin" and "take a stand" like this, surely we will boycott everytime someone greedy, prideful, arrogant, drunk, untruthful, unethical, racist, uncaring to their parents, profits from anything that Walmart does. You get the picture.

Living in a capitalistic, western society makes carrying these "boycott ideals" impossible to live up to. You can not travel too far down this road until you are made to look like a fool. Take investments for example: if you want to invest your money with a mutual fund that only has holdings that are green, ethical, biblical (one may say) you will not make too much money. These funds are outperformed in the market constantly. I do not see many in the Christian community boycotting the big daddy investment choices and opting to lose money on their investments by "taking a stand."

I herald those who are trying to be as consistent as possible in every aspect of trade they participate in - talk to anyone involved in this lifestyle and you will see it takes time, effort and extra dollars to live this way.

My issue lies with a group of people who see the word gay or lesbian, throw a hissy-fit and think God would have them boycott a store as His way of being the Kingdom. Please.


KrazyMissElaineous said...

Touche, ditto, and right-on. You go girl!!

Amy said...

Amen, very well said. And I echo your sentiment: "Please!"

Have a great Thanksgiving, Arlene! I'm thankful we've reconnected through this wonderful world of blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I really enjoy reading your comments, thanks for sharing with us!