Sunday, August 27, 2006


Our kids got to see this movie during the summer when they went to Camp Debby in Dallas. They have raved on and on about it. During June we ate more Happy Meals than usual while trying to collect all the "car characters." Well, it finally arrived at the dollar movie, so we all went to see it last night. It was great.

I couldn't believe that I was wiping away tears induced by animated vehicles who talk. Perhaps that is another blog post for another day. Tears aside, the powerful message about relationships is what is so fantastic about this movie. It really celebrates how we become fully alive only when we are involved in people's lives. It shows a life that has become tired and bitter because of hurt and disappointment turn around and become one of engagement and contribution. It shows another where pride and arrogance are replaced with consideration, love and joy. It shows how we need the involvement of people who love and care for us so that we can blossom into who we are meant to be. Okay, tractor tipping aside - there are some deep messages in this movie.
Oh, and the flies and bugs are all little cars with wingy things - so cute!

I've been meaning to post about Curious George and have not done it yet. Another one I loved.

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don said...

I just saw Cars Saturday night with my youngest two kids. My favorite thing about the movie was seeing the rocks above the town tilted in a row like the Cadillac Ranch cars on the west side of Amarillo. Did you see that? Then, when the map comes up showing I-40 and the town, you see Cadillac Range right outside town.

We were seated behind Catherine McMenamy in the theater, and I leaned forward and asked if she saw the rocks like Cadillac Ranch. I don't think she saw what I was saying, and it went to another scene pretty quickly, but I thought it was a neat shout out to your part of the country, and to His Wackiness, Stanley Marsh, III.