Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Kindness of Strangers

Really cool thing happened to me today. I have been intending to call and buy tickets for David to take the kids to see Disney on Ice: The Incredibles. It is during a weekend that I will be away taking a class and besides it seems like a Daddy date kinda' show. Well, I have forgotten to call a few times, then I tried to co-ordinate going with some of Spencer's little guy friends, but that was not coming together quite right either. Today, I decided to sit down and call to get the tickets.

When I heard the voice of the "customer service" person on the other side, I thought - Yikes, this is not going to go well. The poor lady sounded like she was having trouble staying awake at best. Anyway, I asked for what I needed and she became rather chatty and the process of purchasing tickets by phone continued fairly well. Almost at the end, she says "hold on a minute. I have a discount card in my purse that they gave us last year when Disney on Ice came through town and I would like for you to use it." I hear random scratching through her purse and a joyful "found it" on the other side. She comes back on the phone and precedes to tell me that it will save me $5 per ticket and she would like to do that for me. I was thrilled as you can imagine - okay so the $5 is not the issue (actually $15 on the 3 tickets) but it was the fact that she wanted to help me that way.

Now those of you that know me, know that I love a great deal. Free if possible. I am the self-proclaimed coupon/rebate/freebie queen and this was just my cup of tea!

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Amy said...

I tried to post a comment here the other day, but Blogger was being testy.

Love this story! You do have a winsome personality, and I'm sure you brightened her day.