Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unpacking the "tag" list

Okay, so Frank says I need to unpack #1 and #5.

#1 - David and I visited an Ostrich farm on a road trip through the Cape in South Africa. I got to sit on an Ostrich although it was restrained. Ostrich eggs are incredible. They are so hard and strong that they will bear the full weight of an adult.

#5 - Although I am growing in my enjoyment of movies, I would usually pick some other activity for a date or family outing. I try not to see R rated movies. I do not like "chick flicks" and I really do not like period pieces, and I loathe fantasy, and detest sci-fi (Do you see my struggle). My definition of fantasy excludes Harry Potter though (seeing as though I make the rules for my movie preferences). I do like suspense, some action, detective type, romantic comedy, etc. Obviously, I get to see tons of Disney/Pixar creations :-)!!!

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