Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Between Iraq and a hard place

I am sure that this tired discussion of "to surge or not to surge" has just about run its course, but I still have some thoughts...
What to do? Regardless of whether Hussein was a dictator or not, these thoughts are based on the results of war. Human rights are being violated in droves all around the world and no one is itching to rescue those masses, so clearly we have other factors at play in this scenario...oil, $, power in the middle east, allies etc etc.

America invaded another country against the recommendation of the UN.
Large scale destruction and upheaval has resulted.
Lawlessness rules the day because the power structures that did control are no longer in place (good or bad).
Thousands have died, more are injured and now new amputee rehab centres are being built. Chaos appears to reign supreme.
Whether the war is a good or bad idea, military personnel have left families, jobs and security because this is their job.

But, we ponder whether to go or stay. For every serviceperson I want to yell, "flee." However, we started something that needs to be finished. How can we pull out leaving behind the destruction, turmoil and chaos that this war has caused.

Surely, the only option is to keep the troops that are there supported and supplied so that some measure of normalcy can be possible for the Iraqi people.

The place between Iraq and a hard place is surely that now we are trapped into having to support a war, even if only monetarily.

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