Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Oh my gosh. I can not believe what has happened in 4 hours. The first two did not hook me. I was grossed out by the gore (more than in the last 5 seasons). The second two hours hooked me. Who could resist Jack crying in the fetal position!
I am a fan, but clearly the new slogan all over TV is a little too much...."All hail to the power of Bauer." Hello!

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Steven J Bruce said...

OK, I too agree, Sunday wasn't captivating. But Monday sure was (although I couldn't watch it till Tuesday...that's how sick I was :-)

But you, my South African friend, have NO RIGHT to knock the slogan when your husband wore a shirt to the party reading "WWJBD?" ...purchased by YOU!

I rest my case.

p.s. I do agree the slogan is cheesy and I couldn't help but think they've taken things too far.