Thursday, June 01, 2006

Love & Marriage, they go together like a horse & carriage

Actually I am not inferring that either of us are horses, or even old world methods of transportation.
But I am thinking about love and marriage today. Mainly because my man is far away in Paraguay and I am missing him terribly. Only 4 sleeps to go...Woohoo! I taught my kids to count in sleeps when they were younger because it seemed to go faster, I count in sleeps for a whole other reason but that should probably not be blogged about :-)!
Innuendo and fun aside, I really want to pay tribute to David today.

He is an altogether great husband and Dad. I am constantly amazed that he is grown into such an incredible human being after coming out of a family system that did not equip him with the tools of trust, certainty or unconditional love. He has struggled to overcome abandonment issues that tend to permeate ones life in unexpected ways. However, having said that his family has grown too and they are my family too now and we love them!

The easiest way for me to describe some of these awesome characteristics of the man I married 20 years ago is by list, so here goes:

1. He is unselfish with his time and energy. He will put the kids and me above everything else including TV, golf, work etc (maybe not "24").

2.He has deep faith. The kind of faith that makes him never waiver in belief. Considering how "flaky" I can be this is so good to me.

3.He is intelligent and quite a thinker!

4.Although an introvert he has a heart for people and sees the value in stretching his "normal" to make himself more of a people lover.

5.Once per week he eats lunch with a 4th grade little boy at an impoverished school just to be a good influence.

6.He loves a good practical joke, of which I am usually the recipient. You know the type who takes their 5 year old son's slimy lizard and places it between the sheets for his wife to feel as she crawls into bed.

7.He is a "foodie" like me and we can both enjoy a good meal and/or preparing one in the kitchen.

8.He makes the meanest cup of hot tea ever!

9.He loves me in such a "covenant" kind of way that it is not just about me, but an act of worship for him.

10.We have fun together and love to travel and experience new things together.

Oh there is more, but I will stop here. Thanks for indulging me today.


Bek said...

I did some digging and found your blog spot. I confess I feel a bit guilty reading your thoughts. It's as if I found your diary and am sitting in the middle of my closet with the door closed. Not that I ever did that with my sister Nancy's diary . . . it's amazing what those little keys can open!

Arlene Kasselman said...

It is a strange thing to publically journal, but it is great therapy also!