Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Peace and Cookies

This is just a short little post, that will unfortunately let you into the mind of Arlene Kasselman. A rather unusual and interesting place, I promise.
In South Africa and other British Colonies they are known as Marie's. I believe in Mexico, Guatemala, Spain and several other Latin countries they are called Maria's. In Paraguay they are called Mana's.

But here's the thing - the packaging looks similar no matter the country, manufacturer or language. The actual cookie (what we would call a biscuit) looks the same no matter the country, manufacturer or language. The taste - yes, the taste. You guessed. The same. They are not overly sweet, perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea. They are a deep cream color, round in shape and about 2 inches wide, with a Greek inspired imprint around the border. They are perfectly crunchy without being too well cooked. This single layer delight needs no filling, icing or chocolate to make them delicious.

It is hard to ignore how soccer unifies the world during a World Cup year and as one famous coach was quoted as saying, "Soccer is not life and death, it is so much more." I agree - this sport played in more places that we can count, and this World Cup, watched by more people than any other event in the world is something.
But can you imagine the potential for unity if we all brought our Marie's, Maria's and Mana's to the table with a good cuppa' tea?


Gina said...

Arlene! Of course we remember you! Seriously??? In Amarillo? Eric drives there every Wednesday with his job (one of them). We should get together sometime. What are you doing there? How long have you been there? It's kind of a long and twisted story why we are here....and for who knows how long, I'll explain later. I'm so glad to hear from you and am glad to have your blog to read. Maybe I can catch up on your life a little!

JennKKB said...

I still have a pack of Maries from a few Christmas's (sp) agoo! I stuffed them in the freezer waiting for a rainy day!! Hope you guys are doing well! This is Jennifer Kendall-Ball by the way!!