Thursday, May 25, 2006

Such a Peachy 24 hours!

I am not usually a "gusher" about life but I'm a pretty happy camper right now.

Yesterday was Michaela's awards assembly at school. She got 19 of them! The academic ones were a given but we loved the ones voted on by peers. Some kids got "most responsible" some got "most athletic" some got "most creative" - I love those. Michaela was voted as "most friendly girl in her class" and "best singer." Those meant as much as "Top Math Award" I promise! It was fun and I was a proud Mama.

However, it is what happened after school that is the best. She scored the big dollars during her birthday and has been saving them up for something special. She decided she wanted a Tamogotchi v3 (virtual pet/person thingy). They are $15 and she has way more than that. She did buy a few things at a concert, the new High School Musical DVD (so my DVR can be released from that prison) and some other stuff. Well, off we go to Toys R Us to make the purchase and she decides to buy one for her friend also. Apparently, the two of them are the only two 4th graders on the planet who do not have one. Her friend's parents are going through a divorce and so she decided it would be a nice surprise to get her one "because of what is going on at her house." Wow - this is my child who is tighter than bark on a tree. I was so proud of her. It was huge. It was fun and I was a proud Mama.

And then last night there was American Idol. Seeing as Chris and Elliott were voted off in some obvious conspiracy (why else would my boys have been taken out, I mean taken off?) I was so happy that Taylor won. He is the quintessential "drunk dad at a wedding" guy who has so much fun it is infectious. But then, not only did Taylor win, Clay Aiken made an appearance. I was sitting just grinning at the screen. At times to protect my reputation I have been a closet Clay fan. Yes, I own the CD and his book. He makes me happy. Well, last night I realized what a huge fan I am. I was all alone watching the show clapping at the screen and smiling at it as soon as I saw him on stage. Gosh, I am going to be harrassed by this confession if my friend Angela reads this.
It was so much fun and I saw all those AI contestants had really proud Mama's!

It doesn't take too much to keep me chipper - a few awards, a good dose of generosity and a song from Clay!


Angela Bruce said... and my big hair and and your "I'm Aiken for Clay" bumper sticker (right next to the South African flag) and fan club button firmly attached to your purse. Let the mockery begin.... =)

Angela Bruce said...

Ooh! Look what I found! Imagine pulling this out of your wallet every single day *squeal* !!!

Arlene Kasselman said...

Oh my gosh, my heart rate quickened when I checked out the card. I could not possibly carry one because I would be "crushing" all day!
Oh the mysteries that lurk beneath!!!

Amy said...

You are crackin me up!

Congratulations to Michaela for a great year. She sounds like a sweetheart.