Friday, January 21, 2005

Mike Cope

It has been an amazing thing to read Mike's blog updates on the situation with Chris and the other Highland kids. Heart wrenching.
I am struck by something again and again. While a member at Highland during our great years at ACU I was definately a "copeite." Mike would recoil in horror if he heard me now - but it is true. And I am struck again today at his incredible gift. It is the gift of language. He uses just the right words to conjure up pictures and images and emotions - so incredibly well. God has a mighty servant in Mike Cope.


JennKKB said...

Hey Arlene, I was reading Greg's post and saw you posted about the Highland thing and that you worked out at Curves!! HAHA, me too! I LOVE IT! Hope you are all doing well! Email me sometime at

JennKKB said...

I don't know if I posted correctly or not! Hmm, we will see!