Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I was thinking about a friend from High School the other day. We haven't seen each other since graduation. She began travelling the world and I was doing the career thing. I moved from South Africa to America and literally did not think of her for years at a time. Then, just a month or so ago I felt an overwhelming need to reconnect with some of these people. Homesickness will do that to you - you know that deep longing for what is familiar. And, it doesn't matter how long you live in a country different to your own, you always feel just a little unsettled. How we should feel here while longing for heaven....
Anway I tracked her down via email and today I received an incredible response. A full update of 20 years - wow. Funny thing is she wrote..."just wondering why you tracked me down - thought you may have heard I was a bit of a lost soul." I don't quite know what to do with that right now - perhaps God had me do it for that purpose. We are both South African, she lives in the United Arab Emirates and I live in Amarillo, TX. Small world when you are homesick!


Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Hiya, Arlene...
Greg K-B here. I saw your comment on Mike's blog, figured it was a link to your profile, and I am. Just checking in. Hope everything is going well with you guys.

Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Hello again!
I just got your comment from my blog emailed to me, and I was surprised to see it was for a post waaaay back in November. I guess Blogger hasn't updated anything since then... to see the real deal (my blogging skills have been on the rise since then), you should check out
kendallball.blogspot.comHave a great evening,