Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's so great, I'm giddy!

Over the past 10 days, Central has been building a house with Habitat for a single mom and her 3 kids. It is awesome. The people most involved are so exhausted they can barely function. But they are so moved and so motivated it is inspiring. I have had the fabulous job of acting like "decorator wannabe." If truth be told, no one asked me to do it, I just kinda' decided on my own and everyone else is to busy with essential things that no one has had time to tell me no. It has been like living a dream. But before you begin imagining Extreme Makeover Home Edition, let me get realistic. I have been able to "dress" 2 bathrooms from scratch and do a little decorating in the kitchen. How much fun is this. I am smiling as I type. There was no budget for this because it was not in the plan, so the fun has been seeing how much we could do with a couple of hundred bucks. Did I say already how much fun this is. Anyway tomorrow is the official "handing over the keys ceremony" and the last few little things will be finished next week.
Yes, this has been fun for me, but most importantly, I think we get to witness a family gain some dignity as they begin a new life in a place they can proudly call home.


Eric the tall Bible student said...

Wahoo!! Fantastic! Outstanding! I love hearing about this kind of thing! Thanks.

don said...

can you post any photos?