Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lessons I should have learned long ago

Okay so Missy, Angela and I are trouble. I love it! We perhaps rank as the "most untraditional minister's wife" gang in the SouthWest. In fact when we roam the halls of the church offices, it is not unusual for people to comment about us. The most pitiful thing is how easily we are amused - no really. It does not take much and we are cracking up. However, shallow we are not!

Here's the thing. If you happen to like a pair of jeans that, say, your single nice looking Young Adults Minister is wearing. Rather ask the make. Or, you could decide just to look for yourself and pick up his shirt, check the brand name on the waistband and move on. Of which I chose the latter and almost had him in cardiac arrest. My abovementioned friends burst into instant shrieking laughter and all the other ministry staff present were more than a little amused also.

But here's the thing. My intention was to not have to interrupt his conversation or even embarras him with the compliment and further questions about where he bought them etc. No, I chose to horrify him in discomfort and embarrasment all at the same time. My plan was good, the execution lacked a little finesse and perhaps a boundary or two.
Geez Louise, when will I learn.

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