Monday, December 28, 2009


Warning: Self Indulgent Personal Reflections to Follow!

It has been a while since I have had as many unanswered questions in my mind as I seem to have right now. Questions about the future, about what to do, about how to do it, about established church vs. organic church, about heaven and hell, about passion vs pragmatics, about timing vs. randomness....oh the list goes on.

Last night David and I talked for hours about some of this and we had to end the conversation with "idk's" -- not a very helpful place for someone who is seeking answers. But life sometimes presents us with more questions than answers and knowing how to be in the midst of that is an art.

My ability to "be" is being challenged and the indecision feels like it is killing me. And so for today, the words of Jesus keep rattling around my head.... "do not worry about your life..."


jeleasure said...

Hi Arlene,
last night I looked at my blog post, and I thought about you.

I was reminded of some of the tones of our conversations in the past. It seemed to me I just sent you into my blog post to get upset.

I have reasons for believing you would become upset when you read my post. Sometimes, when I post something I am passionate about, I must remember it may offend and hurt someone else. And, even still, my intent is to share my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through stories and allegory. For personally offending you, I am sorry. I was not writing at anyone. I was just venting my disgust for being a corporate victim of fraud. That is what I feel has happened in this nation. Then again, it could not have happened if the church had been doing what it is expected to do.

Arlene said...

Jim, you are sweet to think about that. However, I welcome different views on all topics. Beneath the opinions both of our hearts are for the kingdom. That is what matters to me.

It takes a lot for me to get upset, I assure you. I always enjoy reading what you write even if it is from a perspective different to mine.

Putz said...

good time of the year for reflection, i couldn't wait to make resolutions and then had a disturbing dream about a fire consuming and nearly destroying my blog, and we all know blog should NOT be that do i stop blogging or go on with my resloutions and also on my blog an anon threatened the putz{christian love}

jeleasure said...

Thanks Arlene,
When Jesus turned the tables over and snapped at the air with a whip in the common area of the Temple, the disciples who were with him recalled the Psalms declaring 'He will have zeal for His Father's House'.
That is not exactly what I would be doing. But God's business is to collect His Family. And, when someone begins obfuscating what purpose and words God has for His Family, that really gets beneath my skin. I hold back, a lot. But, it is like a pressure release valve blows and even though I edit and edit, I feel as if I am doing something wrong if I do not finish the message.

Michael Taylor said...

An honest IDK is a pretty good start. Keep asking the tough questions/