Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 Silly Summer Facts

A really special friend emailed me this tag message for 5 Silly Summer Facts, so here goes.

1. Favorite Summer Drink: either Mango tea at WaterStill (a local incredible water place) or a Vitamin Water.

2. Favorite Summer Color: White, Green, Pink

3. Favorite Summer Vacation: Beach

4. Favorite Summer Memory: Christmas, I grew up in South Africa...December is summer.

5.Favorite Summer Meal: Anything on the grill, potato salad, beans, corn on the cob, bread, fruit - yummo!

Now its your turn.......add your favorites.


Scott said...

1. Arnold Palmer, probably (iced tea & lemonade). Vitamin water?!?

2. I am reasonably certain that's a gender-specific question.

3. Well, it used to be Colorado, but the cost of getting there has sort of taken the fun out of that thought.

4. Probably the times spent at my grandparents' house.

5. My favorite meal? Breakfast, probably, but lunch and dinner are fun too. As an aside, breakfast today, courtesy of the Paradise Bakery, was steel-cut oatmeal in an oatmeal-raisin cookie bowl, with bananas, strawberries and brown sugar. I haven't told my son yet about the concept of cereal in cookie bowls, because I can see him doing Cocoa Krispies in a chocolate chip cookie bowl.

Arlene Kasselman said...

Scott, I don't know you look good in pink....okay I have only seen pink in one stripe on a shirt, maybe...

Scott said...

You'll like this pink shirt story (if I haven't already told it to you). Vickie had been "suggesting" I get one and I had been less than enthusiastic. One Sunday morning last year I ran into Don Barnes and he had on a gray sports coat with a pink shirt. I complimented him but told him he was going to get me in trouble with Vickie. He said, "Well, I think they're in style now. I checked it out on the internet."

Speaking of Don, we celebrated his 90th birthday with a party a church a couple of months ago. If he's slowed down, it's not visible yet.

Arlene Kasselman said...

Scott, that is so hilarious and I can just see Don saying it!

Jennifer said...

Can you tell I'm bored....

1. Mango tea is a first yes, but also...White mocha - YUM!

2. Pink, brown, white, green!

3. Caribbean cruise

4. Getting whiplash and multiple bruises at the lake trip as well as some other unmentionable injuries!

5. Fresh green salad (loaded)with ranch...yum!

susan said...

OK...I'm late to the party, but here goes:
1. Unsweet Blueberry Tea w/6 Splendas from Waterstill

2. Yellow

3. Vegas!

4. Shelling black-eyed peas in my grandparents backyard under their huge mimosa tree.

5. Grilled chicken pasta salad w/ LOTS of veggies

Texas Cookie Jar said...

I get to post now that I have a blog and can remember my password. :-)

1. sweetened ice tea from well water in Hobbs,NM
2. green and blue
3. camping our way from NM to Wyoming in a pop up in 1975
4. watching fireworks at the Arch in St. Louis to celebrate my 50th bday
5. freshly picked & shelled black-eyed peas, corn on the cob, BBQ chicken, watermelon, just-picked-off-the-vine tomatoes that taste like sunshine