Wednesday, July 25, 2007


1. We have a family wedding in less than two weeks. It is a crazy, fun, exciting time. And the bonus is that we get to add a new nephew to the family and he is awesome!!!!! And I get to participate in the Wedding Ceremony - what an incredible memory that will be.

2. That as a woman in a cofc, I got to teach bible class in our class this past Sunday and it has spurred some fascinating extra-curricula discussion about faith formation. Paul B. you are one of the deepest thinkers I have met in a long time.

3. That in said class, some of the greatest affirmation came from one of our elders.

4. That my friends lives have settled back into a more normal routine and I can get doses of "friend fix" again.

5. For the enthusiasm that the Sofi tote was met with last night, as I displayed the Eternal Threads stuff at a women's event. I think we will be placing an order for about 20 of these bags and that can change the trajectory of life for 20 little girls in India.

6. For times of sharing with friends, like I had the opportunity to do this morning with SB, when we can share what is on our hearts and really embody spiritual friendship.

7. That enough people read this blog that I am getting harassed about not posting regularly.

8. Dark chocolate.

9. For summer camps that have impacted the life and faith of my 11 year old.

10. Reconnections. Facebook has made it possible to connect with important people from my past that I had lost touch with. How incredible to rekindle those memories and friendships.

11. A webkinz frog named Remy that my niece generously gave Spencer. It has been so sweet to watch Spencer ensure the frog has food, exercise and fun online. He is going to be a great Dad one day.

12. A song by Indie.Arie called Hope - how great!

13. My friend Chris' backyard and pool and her generous spirit in sharing it.

14. Sno-cones are cheap and oh so yummy.

15. That Bek needs to practice cookie making for her business and we get to sample.

16. That even though I was in bed and asleep before my husband came to bed, I felt him kiss me on the cheek last night.

17. For summer interns over the years who have impacted the lives of my kids: Sharon, Spruce, Brian, Valerie, Jordan, Aaron, John Paul, Jordan (again :-)), Caleb, Janaye, Hunter, Julya.

18. Tea.

19. I get to "close down" Starbucks with friends fairly frequently.

20. That God cares enough about me that He refuses to leave me as He found me and that He is shaping me to look more like Him.

(And that God made suntans in such a way that sometimes your skin bubbles and peels usually on your back where you can not peel it yourself, and that he made some of us with the desire to do that peeling. I thought this was normal until a few days ago when I realized how creepy my friends think it is that I like to peel sunburned skin :-))


Amy said...

I've missed your posting, too! Great thankful list. I would have enjoyed hearing your class.

Mandy said...

Thank you for your thankful list. It reminded me of things I'm thankful for too....even although some of my days are tougher than others. My kids. My husband. Jesus. My job...although exhausting at times. My warm bed. Blue Bell ice-cream!
Mandy Moo