Monday, July 30, 2007

On Being Known

It's what was so intriguing about Cheers. It's what connects us to people. It's what drives us to do irrational things sometimes. We want to be known, not in an ego-centric sort of way, but in a community way. To feel like people know us. When we feel known, we feel loved and included...on the inside if you will.

I am struck by two powerful expressions of that today. God is speaking to my heart about this and I think He has my attention.

Firstly, read today's post by Larry James. There are days, when it would suffice if I just linked to Larry James' blog and simply typed..."yes, what he said." He captures God's heart for people like no other.

Secondly, after lunch today our Outreach minister, Mark, asked if I wanted to stay and sit in on his visits with people who are coming in looking for help. He asked me to sit and listen to their stories. To hear their challenges and victories. And to be the prayer warrior of the day. After each visit he asked me to pray with the people. It was overwhelming really. Each of these people came in and had needs, some small but mostly huge. But no matter if it was help with a gas card, rent, prescription assistance, or applying for id's each person had a story. Few if any have people who want to hear that story. I felt so proud of Mark and the way God is using him to touch people's lives and to humanize their struggles.
He makes people feel known...wanted...worthy.


Gena said...

That was wonderful! Also, thanks for the kind words on our blog! We love you too!

Mark Love said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your afternoon in my office. It really worked well and I think I would like to do that more with others.