Friday, March 02, 2007

Pastoral Initiative

Yesterday in class we were talking about how to deal with people who are openly having a problem with you. Dr. Siburt was talking about the idea of "taking a step closer" to those people. Invite them to go to breakfast to do a perception check. Openly ask the question, "I am perceiving you are having a problem with me or somethings that I am doing. Is that true?" Try to move to storytelling during that time also. The goal is not to build affection, but trust.
He continued to say that we confirm people's worst fears or thoughts when we ignore them.

This is not new information - Matthew lays it out clearly for us. New or not, it felt very energizing to me to hear that again.

This is so counter intuitive that surely it is God-breathed. I pray that God equips me to use pastoral initiative in my relationships.

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