Monday, March 19, 2007

Favorite Things about Seattle

Being with the Johnson's. Not since College have we had that amount of extended time with Mike and Dena. It was awesome.

Seeing our kids all bond and not want to leave one another.

Yummy coffee shops everywhere.

The Glass Museum in Tacoma. The magnificent art of this designer glass was awe inspiring.

Having clear days while we were there.

Pike Place Market.


JG said...

Hey, Arlene. Hope you guys are doing well. I thought you might want to know about the upcoming surgery for Corbin, Jonathan and Holly's little guy. Here's the blog we set up for her: Sign up for a time to pray and spread the word. Hope your family is doing well!


5 Johnson Kids said...

Great things on your list! But you left out: late night chinese, late night conversations, late night tea, late night getting the kids to bed, and did I mention: Late nights?

You all wore me out!

No, really, it was a joy to have you and you're the easiest house guests we've ever had! Come back again any time. Leave Michaela in Seattle next time!

susan said...

I have really fond memories of my one visit to Seattle in the spring of 1988. I was a delegate at the ADHA's Annual Session which was held at a hotel just a short walk from Pike Place Mkt. I remember the view from my room was gorgeous, overlooking the Market and the water. I also remember gawking out the plane window when we were approaching, just amazed at how green everything was. That was before the explosion of coffee places, so, no coffee memories. But, I do remember having the most delicious salmon I have ever tasted in this cool restaurant right on the water. Very fun. The only down side was it rained EVERY day for the week that we were there. Which might explain why everyone seemed kinda pale, not many tan people in Seattle! (kidding :-)