Wednesday, February 14, 2007


How sweet it is! Last night after coming home from an event at church called, An Evening of Chocolate, my Valentines celebration began. David had the bathroom set up like a spa. There were mango bath and body works candles everywhere, Lavendar aromatherapy oil in a steaming tub of water. A glass of sparkling grape juice, a box of chocolates, and Andrea Boccelli singing in the background. Wow! What he didn't know is that my surprise for him was coming this morning. I had arranged for him to only go into the office after lunch and we spent the morning together doing what Valentines should be doing and browsing through World Market, enjoying lunch together etc. A perfect celebration that did not cost a lot of money but was priceless!

Spencer was hilarious this morning. He had bought me a velvet rose (yes, you read that correctly) that plays "Fly Me to the Moon." Well, he comes walking into the kitchen, with the rose hidden behind his back, and then bursts into some dance moves reminiscent of Riverdance, choreographed to "Fly Me to the Moon" and then presents me with the "rose." It was hilarious, cute, and precious all in one. I wish we had it on video. Michaela made me a card with a list of characteristics in me that she loves, it is a treasure!!!! The card was accompanied by a perfect little heart box of chocolates. I am a spoiled girl!

Our Valentines family tradition is a Valentine hunt. I know other people hunt for Easter Eggs, we hunt for Valentines. I bought some clue cards for Valentines about 8 years ago at Hallmark, and Michaela made it a tradition the very next year and then introduced Spencer to it. So, they go around the house, following the clue cards and at each clue they get a little Valentines surprise and at the end is the bigger of the little valentine surprises. It is always fun.

You can certainly feel the love at the Kasselman's today.


Amy said...

Arlene, I borrowed your cream/skim milk quote for my facebook (with proper credit given to you!). I just love that quote and think of often.

And, I love the way you guys celebrate!!

susan said...

Arlene, that lunch thing sounds great! Maybe Angela could come too, I would love to meet her.

Arlene Kasselman said...

Can you do Fridays? Email me at
arlene @ gouldsplace . com
(remove the spaces, I just typed it that way so it is less likely to be hacked that way). Once we get a date I will run it by Angela.