Monday, April 24, 2006

Real Life Sitcom

I am not a lover of sitcoms. Never have been really, except for the Cosby's way back when. I don't really know why - I enjoy a good chuckle. Perhaps, it's because most of them just don't seem funny to me. You have to wait so long for an authentic hilarious moment. Except, Raymond perhaps. He doesn't even have to talk to make me laugh.

However, real live moments of hilarious situational comedy truly crack me up. I can survive on those for days. Last night was one of those moments and I will never do justice to the story by trying to repeat it here in writing, but I will take a stab at it and chuckle to myself in the process.

One of the members of our small group is having back surgery today. There were two conversations in process about the surgery, pain, treatments etc. One of the group members was listening to snipets of both conversations and you get the idea....
The pharmacist in the group was saying that because of the condition, he was probably having to lie on his stomach. The other conversation was about the steroids making him eat a lot. Nancy then began a series of questions something like this....not really allowing anyone to answer, just in rapid succession. Not that anyone could answer, because those not in the discussion, were rolling on the floor laughing.

"Does lying on your stomach make you eat a lot?"
"I didn't realize it could make you hungry!"
"He's got to take steroids because of lying on his stomach?"
"Wait a minute, they are feeding him 6 meals a day because he is lying on his stomach?"

And so it continued for a few more poignant questions. It came out eventually that she sleeps on her stomach, and was a little concerned about the consequences.

For the love!

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Angela Bruce said...

I still chuckle about that whole conversation as well. And reading your post just started me up all over again! =)