Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Triple layer Fever Blister

I could not believe it when I looked in the mirror this morning. No matter how calm I say I am about this surgery - my lip revealed the truth. There before me, a beautifully formed, triple layered stress indicator, also known in my life as a Fever Blister. They have betrayed me so many times, errupting in perfect sync with all the hard times. Yikes! Oh well - there's no pretending now.
Actually it is quite funny. I have a friend from South Africa who I grew up with and she works at the University church of Christ in Abilene. Not only have we shared years of life together, we have a common bond in the old fever blister department. So, of course I called her first thing this morning and we both bust out laughing and then recounted our worst ones. Like all respected fever blister sufferers would do.
All that said, I am feeling anxious. However I am being so covered in prayer that I know this will be okay. My church and physical family have been so good to keep reminding me that they are praying and what they are praying for. My blog friends have done the same. I ask you to keep praying for me to be calm, have a peaceful attitude and that all would go well.
I won't be blogging again till I'm back home and feeling good.


Clint said...

i heard that fever blisters are an omen that good things are on the way. three fold.

Amy said...

Blog prayers coming your way! May God give you and your family peace, and guide the surgeon's hands. I pray for a quick recovery and complete health to be restored. And please take away that fever blister while you're at it!