Thursday, January 19, 2006

Christmas, Crankiness and Colons

There are so many reasons I could give for not blogging, but they all seem pretty lame actually. I just haven't done it. Once you let it go it is so hard to start up again.
Christmas was awesome as usual - I love the whole "embrace everyone" atmosphere of the holidays. Just love it!
But, this year it was followed by me becoming rather Cranky. I just don't know what hit, but I felt myself spiral into the grumps. I've been cranky with the kids, a little distant with everyone else and quite withdrawn for me. Interesting.
Well closely followed by Christmas & Crankiness is the Colon. I started having severe Diverticulitus pain which resulted in an absess on my colon and a brief hospital stay. Not quite what I had planned for the start of 2006. But, I think I am on the mend and tomorrow's CT scan will determine that.

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