Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Than You Need to Know

I had the first of the "big talks" with my 9 year old daughter yesterday. We figured we needed to at least give her the basic facts before she begins 4th grade. As we talked, not let me rephrase that. As I talked, and she stared back at me, I told her that this was the first of many talks like this we will have. She will be discovering things that she is going to need to ask about and we are going to be giving her more information as and when she is ready - before she needs it. It was altogether a really good experiece. I prayed with her afterwards and her Dad prayed with her later at bedtime about it too. 2 things struck me: My daughter is maturing - Wow! She knew nothing. That has really shocked me. I constantly hear people say that kids are talking about sex etc on the playground all the time. Well, not here. She truly knew squat and had no context for it either.
Now why am I broadcasting this for the world - or all 3 of the people who read this blog. Well, I feel different today. You know that feeling when you get your drivers licence, you get a child toilet trained and now this. I know this is the beginning and not the end, but there was a sense of relief for me.
That's all folks.


donna said...

Wow! Nine already...I cannot believe your sweet daughter is in the 4th grade. Seems like she should still be the 2 year old toddler next door. It sounds like you handled things well - may we ask for advice when the time comes for our kiddos?
Hugs, Donna

Scott said...

It is a little scary that you're already to that stage. I'm going to guess when you have the talk with #2 he won't be as sheltered--but he'll have some interesting versions of human biology.

I heard he brought goggles down with him when he came. Sorry we weren't here for him to use them.