Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chasing Bunnies

I'm not going to lie, it looked more like a Jackalope or a small deer than a bunny.

Last night while David and I were walking around the little lake close to our house, I spotted a pair of very large ears at a distance out in the field. I stopped and stared a minute and realized it was a rabbit. A large one. Very large. Of course, my "take a picture of everything" instinct kicked in and I reached for my phone to snap a picture. I was too far away and the impact of tyrannosaurus-bunny would have been totally lost in my lame attempt at a photograph. I tugged at David and suggested we walk out into the field to get a better shot. He shook his head a little and said, it would be pointless because the creature would run away. I let it go for about 20 more steps but then like a 3 year old who just has to experience their world, I took off. I walked across the field. Part of me wanted to creep all ninja-like but every now and again I try to minimize the embarrassment I bring on my husband. As predicted the beast started running away. And I mean r-u-n-n-i-n-g. That was no bunny-hop! I chased it a little but soon stopped when I realized my laughing was only adding to the desperation of it's fleeing. Capturing the picture was long out of my mind. I was having a blast chasing this thing in a field at the lake.

Life would be simpler and my heart would be more protected if I did not feel the need to venture off the paved walkway to dash across the field. But I'm not planning on trading in my "path pass" anytime soon.

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Cassie said...

Jackalope . . . nice! I was walking around the park by our house with our new neighbor a few weeks ago and there was a baby bunny by the path. It startled her and she got so scared I thought she was going to climb up my arm! it's a good thing she wasn't walking with you, you would have captured the little guy and brought him home!! Stay off the path!!