Friday, January 15, 2010

Shirley, was her name

I don't usually go on about my Mom, but this year at least on facebook, I have talked about her a lot. The timing is curious for me. She died 7 years ago tomorrow and it feels like yesterday and an eternity.

Sometimes we have the ability to only remember the good and the picture that emerges only half resembles the truth. I remember the things about my Mom that irritated me. I remember the things that I wished were different. But really those things are few and the list is short.

And so today I am indulging myself with the things she did right.
She loved fiercely -- she had your back and you knew it.
She loved tenderly -- her ability to read your face and listen to your heart was amazing.
She gave extravagantly -- out of both overflow and shortage, her generosity was unsurpassed.
She noticed people -- her friends comprised both the popular and the unpopular alike.
She listened with her ears and heart -- she just got people.
She loved the Lord -- not perfectly, but passionately.
She held family close -- her kids, her grand kids, her sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews.
She welcomed people -- our home was always filled with people.
She inspired people -- more so while she was suffering through cancer than ever.

And there is more. But these are the things I am thinking about tonight and am grateful to have seen modelled for me. What a joy!

And they called her Shirls!

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jeleasure said...

I guess I have not been around here for some time. My apologies. Busy.

Well, here is a great example of a person who obviously made an impact.

I want you to notice something, that leads into my reply to your comment on the Liberty withdrawing its co-sponsorship. We can look very much like Shirly and be criticised for such things as withdrawing our co-sponsorship at CPAC due to GOProud.

Jesus acted in defense of the Temple of God as it is a place corruption and assaults on God's people was not going to be tolerated.

I will grant you, CPAC is not the House of God. It is a Conservative Party Conference. But, here is the thing, Matt Staver said, GOProud seeks to undermine what Christians teach (all except progressives. That is not intended to be a low blow .)

The House of God is not the Temple. That is gone and will never be functional if it were to be rebuilt. Christ lives in the Church. We are the Temple. When Christ ran the money changers and merchants out of the Temple, the disciples recalled that it was written in the Psalms, "He will have zeal for His Father's House". Christ came for us. He gave all for us. WE are the House for which Christ has zeal.

Those things that God abhors are listed in the Bible. I can not be a progressive because it violates the tenates of the church. The policies of the Progressive movement are antithetical to what the Bible teaches. Save love and concern. Those are important. However, in every way, God created and commanded us to be involved in shaping one another to have a relationship with Him.

I'm not going to post this comment on my blog. It belongs there as a reply. However, I don't feel like working on it any more tonight.