Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The process of processing

Many have asked me to share thoughts from the renewal I just got back from. I am struggling to find words that both capture the significance of what God did while keeping confidences. So, I have decided to just share some highlights.

1.Each evening we gather in prayer clusters as part of the CbW schedule. Your prayer cluster works like a small group. You remain together the entire week and although most of the time is not spent in that group, some really powerful things happen in the group. There was not a cluster that did not have God's fingerprints all over it. People were grouped so well together in ways we could never have planned. Peer ministry took place. Connection developed quickly, confession and affirmation flowed openly. God bound people to each other in significant ways.

2.Each participant gets a one hour prayer time with a team member. One of my favorite times of the week. Each of the women that I got to pray with and there were 5 were AMAZING! As we shared our hearts and lifted our desires in ministry, family, discipleship to the Lord He made His very presence crystal clear to us as literally formed and framed the words that were spoken.

3.During the equipping blocks each day we worked out of Psalm 103. It was inspiring to see how the thoughts of this Psalmist moved the women to reflect in their silence and solitude time and the other reflection exercises.

4.I feel so blessed to have added a group of incredible women to my treasure chest of friends. God is good.

Keep praying for this ministry as our trips to Australia in May and Papua New Guinnea in June will sneak up on us quickly.


WendyC said...

It sounds an awesome time. Where in Australia will you be visiting? I am in Sydney.

jeleasure said...

It seems as though you had some time of renewal. Making many friends does excercise a part of us that needs to be renewed from time-to-time.
What growth or renewing experience did you have with the Lord?

Arlene Kasselman said...

I think the most overwhelming renewal from the Lord was seeing some very specific things take place with regards to confession. I wish I could be more specific but as a team member I need to keep confidentiality at the highest level. My faith was so enriched to see how God faithfully answered the cries of many hearts and began the process of filling them with truth and pure things.

I also received a beautiful reminder of the character of God from the texts we studied. His "hesed" that covers us and abides in ways that are almost hard for us understand as humans.

Oh so many things - I could go on and on!

preacherman said...

It is so wonderful time. I know those times of renewal are so important as believers. I am blessed to see that Jesus Christ took time for God and renewal.

jeleasure said...

Yeah, I can understand how confession could lead to renewal. I've had this experience myself.

jeleasure said...

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jeleasure said...

Hey Arlene,
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I have been waiting for one.

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