Friday, May 30, 2008

Morality and the like

I have been engaged in a great conversation recently with a friend from long ago who holds some beliefs different to mine. One of the points of discussion is this:

Where does morality come from? Is it from God or is it an inner locale? Think about all those who claim Christ yet abuse their children or spouse. Think about all those who claim Christ and are being unfaithful in their marriage. Cheating. Lying. Stealing. Gossiping... But also think about all those who are actively choosing to live lives that testify to the cross. What about those who do not claim Christ that are risking their lives to serve humanity all over the planet. Think about those who do not claim Christ yet are great parents and partners. But also think about those who do not claim Christ and are living lives wrapped up in selfishness and sinfulness.

2 things:
Where does morality come from?
If I claim Christ does that equip, motivate, shape me to live in truer, more authentic, holy ways?


Royce Ogle said...


Isn't morality learned? I noticed that from the womb my sweet little grand children were selfish little liars who would take what did not belong to them and rebell against any authority. Right away all of the adults in their sphere of influence started to teach them by word and example do do right.

Reading Paul's assessment of the "natural" man, or "flesh" shows that all of us of whom the Bible says are "children of wrath" by nature are ill equiped for morality.

Interestingly, in the Bible, even grown adult believers were again and again reminded to tell the truth, not to engage in illicit sex, not to covet, gossip, etc, etc.

This is precisely why all men must be "born again". The first birth produced a rebel. The second birth produces one upon whose heart God's law is written and his or her nature is to please God. The struggle with the appetities of the flesh are not over then but those who now are partakers of the nature of God are no longer "slaves" to sin and rebellion.

All goodness, all truth, all right living has God as it's source.

His peace,
Royce Ogle

Arlene Kasselman said...

Royce, yes I love that final sentence in your comment!

KrazyMISC said...

All good things are from God, so therefore is morality. However, man has free choice and so some men may choose morality (having seen its joyful rewards)-- and yet, not knowing its TRUE source.
Miss you Arlene, serious or not!

jeleasure said...

Hi Arlene,
It is ironic. I found your reply to my question just above my reply to another blogger on my blog. The reply to her comment is applicable here. My comment here is as follows, (from Reply to Vicki on comment from "The Son Became a Man").

"People further mistake sin, for something bad. Or sins for a list of bad things people do. But even thogh there are many bad things people do that are described as sins, we ought to be able to ask ourselves, 'by what standards are these things bad?' When we have boild it down to the bottom line, we come to the conclusion that those 'bad things' we do are in fact our willingness to live outside of God's will. That is the sin. And Jesus could have chosen that for himself. But, He did not, Praise God! That is why He, Jesus the man was perfect".

jeleasure said...

Thanks Arlene for visiting my page to reply to my comments.
If you would like to exchange links let me know. Your blog is God centered and that is what I am looking for. I have three blogs your link would be added to.
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