Saturday, September 15, 2007

Plagarism again....sorry Amy

My friend Amy always has interesting random questions on her blog and I have copied her before, so here I go again, with minor adjustments.
I love these kinds of things because it always gives me new insights into people.
Answer as many as you like...

1. Salty or sweet?
2. Coke or Pepsi?
3. Decaf or double shot?
4. Early riser or night owl?
5. Clinton or Obama?
6. Thompson or ???
7. Italian or Chinese food?
8. Vanilla or Chocolate?
9.Favorite kind of date night?


susan said...

1) Mixture of both! (at the same m&m's and popcorn)
2) Diet Pepsi
3) just regular caf
4) night owl (definitely NOT early riser!!)
5) Uggghhh!
6) Rudy all the way!
7) Italian, by the thinnest of margins. (Although, if you had said Japanese, that would be the winner by a landslide, you know, sushi & all)
8) Chocolate
9) Dinner out someplace casual like Basil Docs or Blue Sky, then either football(Rebels!) or baseball (Dillas) depending on the season. (Do we know how to live or what?!!) Tonight, since both the kids are at the retreat, we're planning on hitting Red Robin early, then heading down to watch WT play. Hey people, don't be jealous, this kind of excitement is not for everyone!! :-)

Arlene Kasselman said...

Okay so I thought I had better post my preferences if I expect you guys to post yours.
And Susan you are right - not everyone can live the high life like you and Lon!!!!!

1. Unfortunately both - not mixed though.
2. Real Coke
3. White choc mocha, 1/2 shot espresso, nonfat, light whip -yummo!
4.Not loving the early riser option, but less of a night owl than I used to be..hmmm
6. -
8.If we are talking actual chocolate as in a piece of chocolate... - chocolate. If we are talking cake or ice-cream, Vanilla.
9.Ooh this is hard. Dinner, lots of talking about ideas, spirituality, personality stuff...
or dinner and a concert; dinner and a live show or musical.
Or a night at home without the kids is always top of the list!

Mandy said...

1. Sweet!!
2. Coke
3. Give me all the double coffees you have!!
4. Neither...too much stress in my life :o(
5. Ummmmmmm...neither
6. Just don't know...yet.
7. ITALIAN!!!!
8. Chocolate...I need some now!
9. Dates....are James and I supposed to go on dates?? If I can just have an evening with him with no interruptions...I AM HAPPY! Gee, I need a date with my husband come to think of it.

Thanks Arlene!!

Amy said...

Love it! Well, you know my answers, but I'll fill in the others:

7. Italian
8. Chocolate, what kind of question is that??
9. Dinner out and a play. It would be a walk along the beach - in my dreams!

I love the pictures - your kids are growing up so fast.

Amy said...

Oh yeah, are you coming to Zoe?

Arlene Kasselman said...

No Amy I am not going to be at Zoe. I just love hearing McLaren, but could not swing it this year.

Anonymous said...

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Steven J Bruce said...

1. sweet
2. pepsi
3. white chocolate mocha DECAF!!! (I'm getting older :-)
4. do you have to ask?
5. Obama (I think)
6. don't know
7. Chinese
8. Chocolate
9. a nice early dinner out, a walk through a downtown park, make out on the park bench, watch the ducks swim in the pond, listen to a street musician, make out some more, walk to a coffee shop and talk...oh I could keep going, but I'll stop...all of this btw must take place in weather between 50-60 degrees!!! :-)