Tuesday, May 08, 2007

24 again

Whenever I post about TV or pop culture I feel the need to preface it with something along the lines of...."I know this is shallow but.." So here we go again.

OH MY GOSH and yes I am shouting. 24 last night was fabulous. I am waiting to hear from Steven about how many minutes he stood for. Seasons 1-5 were so good that he stood most of the time. This season has been different and so the stand to sit ratio went down. However, last night was incredible. I am not sure why it was so great to me, and I think that is the genius of good TV writing. It just connects in ways that are inexplicable.

Milo taking a bullet for Nadia was unbelievable. It made me shriek and cry. I loved that. Surely the nephew is really his son. The sister-in-law, who is drop dead gorgeous IMHO, needs to be loved so badly after having been married to creepo and Jack really needs to love in order to fully realize his human self and so this would all be perfect in my little world if they were together. Plus it would bring Jack full circle with her. Oh why do I care so much about this stuff....

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