Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fun Questions

My friend Amy had these on her blog the other day and it was fascinating seeing the responses. I know you have more pressing stuff to do with your time, but I would love to see your answers.

Here’s a few questions to get to know you even better:
1. What is your cell phone ringtone?
2. Favorite music genre?
3. Impulse item at checkout?
4. News source (tv, magazine, internet)?
5. Do you have any pets?
I’ll answer in the comments below.


Amy said...

I guess you already know my answers.

And I love your ringtone for when David calls you. That's great!

Arlene Kasselman said...

In case anyone else feels cheated, these are Amy's answers:

1. Streetwise - smooth and jazzy
2. Country
3. Gummy Bears (Haribo brand)
4. Newsweek
5. A cat named Macy. And, well, my daughter has two mice: Sweetie and Zippy. Blackie departed this life, and I am anxiously awaiting the day for his buddies to join him in Mousy Heaven.

And these are mine:
Call from David - You’re Beautiful (James Blunt)
From Family - Undeniable (Mat Kearney)
From Missy - Unchanging (Chris Tomlin)
From Everyone else - How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin)

2.Contemporary Christian

3.Water Bottle

4.Internet and TV

5.Fluffy gray cat called Disney

Kristen said...

Ok, here are mine.
What fun questions! :)
1. Jesus Take the Wheel (theme song right now)
2. All music...Christian, pop, country. I listened to Christian more in Amarillo, but DFW has a horrible Christian station. So I listen to other stuff here.
3. Gum
4. TV
5. Tuff and Lucy...really cute black schnauzers. Love them!

susan said...

Arlene, how cool is this? What fun questions! Here goes:
1. Journey-"Don't Stop Believin'"
2. 80's (can't you tell from my ringtone?) also Contemporary Christian
3. Lipbalm (Carmex, Burt's Bees-whatever, I'm addicted to the stuff!)
4. Newspaper (also another addiction) and TV
5. We have a little dapple "doxie" named Maizie. Gracen has a gerbil named Pepper that is going on 3yrs old! He's sweet, but I, like Amy am awaiting the day he makes the journey to "Gerbil Heaven." :-)

Anonymous said...

1. If my daughter calls, its a voice saying "what are you gonna do today, Napoleon? - Whatever I feel like, garsh!" When my husband calls, its the song "If I had a million dollars." Other calls are rare, so its just a standard ringtone from the list.
2. Classic Rock. I would so love to listen to christian contemporary, but I'm afraid-for me, at least- they're in the same "sound-rut" that Tejano is in. Let me know if you could recommend any groups that are breaking the mold!
3. It would be diet ginger ale, but I can never find it. Nor can I find diet cherry 7-up.
4. The internet, specifically Jewish World Review, or IRN news.
5. A huge mastiff, Gracie, and a small yorkie/papillon, Schubert, and countless barn cats.

Arlene Kasselman said...

Emily, try Leeland, their CD is called "Sound of Melodies." I love their songs. Aaron Shust's "Anything Worth Saying" is fabulous. If you like an Urban sound, I think Mat Kearney is hard to beat!!! By The Tree is also a favorite of ours. Just my two cents worth.

Arlene Kasselman said...

My friend Jim reads this blog but does not comment. However he comments to me in person and this one was too good not to share.

In reference to the ringtone question..."What does it say about me that I do not know what my ringtone is." I LOVE THIS! I think it says that you, Jim are not bound by electronic devices and you are a unique individual. Unique in the good sense of the word, you understand. I love you, Man!