Friday, December 02, 2005

I Don't remember 9 Being So Big!

Michaela is 9. That in itself is oddly shocking to me. I know that I birthed her and have lived right along side her for each moment, but I am still amazed. I think the thing that really got me this week is observing her appreciation for humor beyond her years. She is "getting" stuff all the time. Just when I think something has gone over her head she cracks up. When did it happen? No fear - I am not going to burst out into a Tevya moment....
She is also consumed by all things Harry Potter. She is a dead ringer for Hermione anyway. It is interesting to me that one minute she is still amused by Junie B. Jones and then the next she is intrigued by the world of Hogwarts.
Just musing on my not so baby girl right now. She has a good sense of herself. She is a gifted and talented young girl. She is kind and obedient (most of the time). I am blessed.


Amy said...

I know, when did we get so old? Still haven't tried that Shantico, but it sounds fabulous!

donna said...

I cannot believe she is 9! Seems like yesterday we were moving in and enjoying a toddling, curly headed sweetie! Time does fly, but she is still beautiful and seems to be showing many of the attributes of her precious mom and dad!
Hugs to all!