Friday, November 04, 2005

A God Thing

I was doing regular stuff on a regular Thursday when a friend mentioned on the phone that she had an additional ticket to Woman of Faith and it could be mine. I leaped at the chance and made a trip happen in a few hours. God cleared the path - really he did! Slowly through the afternoon things were revealed to me about how easy the planning was going and how convenient it was going to be to postpone several planned weekend events. And then, I got a call that a family member may need some encouragement in the OKC area because of a car wreck. God intended for this and I am the gracious recipient of this grace in this. Yah God!


Amy said...

Wow, you're up early girl! And, Yay, God - I love to hear stories like yours. God in the everyday events.

Enjoy OKC! I miss it and attended part of that WOF conference last year.

Amy said...

Hi, me again. Waiting on more profoundness. :)

John Grant said...

White africans can't jump.

And apparently they don't blog very often either!