Thursday, May 19, 2005

May Burnout

Do you feel it? We are not a frantic family. Many Saturdays are spent in pj's till late afternoon. No, we are not lazy - just not busy. Then May hits and we don't know how to live. I may sound like I'm whining to some of you that keep 50 plates spinning all the time. Between all the school events, awards ceremonies, special celebrations and field trips, church kids musical and heading up a search committee I am spent. Tomorrow we leave for just over 3 weeks at home in South Africa - sounds delightful.

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JennKKB said...

Hey Arlene!!
I just came across your blog again and thought I would say HOLA!
I hope you guys have a GREAT time in SA!! I so wish I could be going with you!!!!!! Give my mom and dad a big hug for me if you are down that way and see them . . . I miss them already and they just left. I think this time it was harder because it will be a year or two before I see them again (before it has been til Christmas, or til graduation - not this time!)
Have a wonderful time - it's kind of hard not to over there, hey?
Love, Jennifer KB